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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 18, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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. the battle over furlough fridays heats up again. tonight we look at why the set to supreme court is low -- allowing unpaid day for workers. but first the combat in iraq. the last american combat troops are pulling out. >> it is official. the last brigade leaving iraq. this is video of the fourth striker brigade. they were the last combat soldiers in the country. they were packing up and heading out. the 4,000 soldiers now on their
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way to kuwait. good news for the soldiers who say they are ready to leave. >> good to finally get to this point. everybody is excited. we are finished with this current mission. >> [inaudible]. one step closer to going home. >> we won. america? >> the role in the country official ends august 31st. about 50,000 noncom bat troops will stay till the end of next year. dan take as look back now that war in iraq. >> coalition forces began striking selected forces. >> reporter: march 20th 2003
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the u.s. unleashes [ñindiscernibleñ] -- >> everybody in the house come outside. >> reporter: american troops enter the capital. on may first, president bush declare mission accomplished. iraqi resistance escalades. not till december is saddam captured. the battle for fuluga. the pictures. by september 1,000 americans have died. in 2005 iraqis vote in their first free elections. in october, the american death toll reaches 2000. the u.n. estimates 100 civilians are dying each day. al-qaeda leader is killed, but
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the government said iraq is in danger of sliding into chaos. 2007 brings the troop surge. a high of 170,000 solders. it's also the deadly estyear for american troops, 899 killed. by may of 2008 the number of american dead reached 4,000. but the violence is decreasing. the u.s. hands over control to iraqi forces in february of 2009. new u.s. president declares the last american troops will leave by the end of august 2010. dan, kron 4 news. new details on the transit labor dispute. big service cut backs are being considered. they voted to appeal legal rulings that forced the
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district into arbitration. it is also looking at options to cope with the big financial lawsuits. and just when it seemed we had seen the last of furlough fridays, it's back. this is all happening a week after another court lifted the furloughs. as kron 4's craig tells us, the news is driving down the morale of state workers. >> a week after state workers went to work last friday, word they will go back to losing several days again is bad news. >> it's hard on all our employees. you are back in limo again and back on furlough fridays again
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and it's not good. >> reporter: as you can see, it gets busy at state offenses and every week there is a furlough friday, the pressure on workers mount. a couple of days before will be the next furlough. the state budget is $150 million a month. the decision by the court means they had to cancel thousands of appointments a day. leaving customers frustrated. >> we call them to cancel and reschedule, they get upset. after we talk and reschedule then we find out we open. they call back and say what's going on. >> it is very frustrating, not knowing what fridays they are. if i come up here, and they are closed down. >> some workers are keeping a
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certain perspective. >> i have a job so at least i know i am not going to be fired. if they cut my pay, it's better than not having a job. >> reporter: another day of uncertainty, craig, kron 4 news. it's already foggy with drizzle close to the coast line and we will continue to see that overnight, it pushes back into the bay shores. tomorrow morning, dense fog and drizzle expected. by noon the fog pushes back to the coast line. sunny skies by 3:00. temperatures warm out there tomorrow. couple degrees of warming bay area wide. temperatures keep going up and down and not any different for the weekend. the widow of a man killed last month is talking about it but first the recall of eggs
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tainted by salmonella is expanded. dozens of people in the bay area getting sick. we will look at the brands involved in this ahead on kron 4 news.
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the widow of a man killed last month is now talking about it for the first time. jinghong kang was shot to death after a visit to a dentist. it was right before a job interview. kron 4's reggie said they are helping the public to prevent this happening again. >> speaking to the public, both lost their husbands to violence in oakland. both came together with officials and first responders to talk about each other's tragedy and to encourage the
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public from this happening again. last month jinghong kang seen here was gunged down in okayland. and in april they were attacked by two men. he didn't survive. in both cases they found the suspects who they believed committed the violent acts. bight they their husbands were good member and both lost their lives for no reason. >> i do not wish to see this occur again to anyone else. i hope we can all unite together to stop the violence. [ñspeaking foreign languageñ] >> he condeemed the violence against the families. overall oakland streets are a
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lot safer. >> crime is down 42%. murder rates were down 18%. >> oakland residents donated money, the money will go to the dang family. in oakland, reggie, 123-4679. temperatures are up, temperatures are down, they are all over the place but staying below average. we will look at the extended forecast in a few minutes. y
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tonight the recall of eggs has grown to cover 380 million eggs. they are believes they are linked to a salmonella outbreak. kron 4's christine walks us through the egg recall list and what you need to know. >> they tracked down the source of the contamination to wright county eggs in iowa.
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they were packaged under 13 brands sold around the nation. the most common sold in california are safe way, albertson and raffle brand eggs. food forless might also have the effected brands. sunshine, hillen dale, shor land, dutch farms, farm fresh andland. to find out if you are eggs are a bart of bash part of the recall. look for the plant number, starts with a p, followed by date. ranges from 136-225 are part of the recall and should be returned. people got sick from eating raw
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or undercooked eggs. officials recommend cooking till the white and yoke are firm. one of the highest concentrations of salmonella is in santa clara county. 38 cases have been diagnosed. people at all levels of society are being hit. >> eggs are such a common, you know, basic food that almost every eats eggs and so it's not so -- the demmographics are a summary of who is getting ill. it tends to be half men, half women across the spectrum as far as ages. what we will see, this outbreak is over because the food item has been removed from circulation. however, there is always the potential that raw eggs would
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be contaminated for salmonella so don't eat raw eggs and cook them well. >> three people were hospitalized, they have since recovered. officials say the number of cases is probably a lot higher because some people think they have a touch of flew and don't go to see the doctor. today was the second straight day that we saw clear skies along the coast lineit has been shrouded in fog for the last couple of weeks so a nice craig. the fog and drizzle already continuing to the coast. wide spread fog tomorrow and temperatures are slightly warmer tomorrow as well as the fog peals back quickly. temperatures staying below average tomorrow and through the rest of the week.
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tomorrow morning the fog spreading to the delta at 6:00 in the morning. briefly touching the inland valleys as well. lingering over vulayo, back to san francisco and the coast line by noon. fog tracker is putting the fog off shore tomorrow. at 3:00 you see the sun breaks. so we will see sun at the coast again tomorrow. inland spots getting back into the upper 80s. 86 in fairfield, quave in livermore. 72 in san rufell and temperatures staying in the low 60s close to the coast. temperatures up tomorrow but down friday and saturday. things struggle to reach 80 degrees on saturday. a roller coaster with
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temperatures but still staying below average. a popular book store in san francisco is making a plea to save the business from having to close its doors. modern times, a familiar destination for readers. it has really struggled. it now sent an open letter to customers asking them to help them make it through the summer. >> we have been here for 39 years. we are just at a point where we are -- like many book stores, having tough time making ends meet and wanted to let our membership base know about that because they have been with us and supported us before. >> summer is a slow time for
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book sales -- book sales. brett favre announces his come back and retirement in a news conference and the giants trying to stop the bleeding, vern has all the highlights coming up. yñx
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>> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. all right. the giants, to philadelphia we go. 99 connective sell outs to watch joe give up a homer to torres. he belts out his 12 for there year. giants 1-0. giants going to respond after folding a night ago. fourth inning, matt cain facing rollins. back away and gone. the blast made it 5-2 and joe
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would settle down. got torres that time. the phillys win 8-2. giants are 6 back in the west because san diego won again. two back of philadelphia in the wildcard race. theaires hope cracked just a tad. a's hosting the blue jays. fred lewis pops one high. i got it. i got it. okay. nobody got it. single. coco crisp, you know what, climb on my back, i will get you there, blast, he had three rbis in the game. a's led 4-1 in the 9th and gave it up. lewis again. toronto ties the game at four. bottom of the 9th, penningten
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gets through to bring home to game winner and the a's have back to back victories. the a's with within 8 of the rangers. get this, the a's are 29-12 in day games. cubs derrek lee changed zip codes today. he said yes, to -- yes to the atlanta braves. he is batting .251. and he will help the braves. brett favre said when this is over, she done. >> nothing left to prove. i v fun. i can promise you this, not that i ever set out to play 20 years, 20 years and i am done.
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this is the last year of my contract. i am sure a lot of people are like yes! including my family. >> by the way, vikings at the 9ers on sunday. charlie frye had wrist surgery today. training camp, can't go a summer without one. jets in a scuffle here. they got a show called hard knock. the story is the coach rex ryan got trouble for profanity on the show. did not like -- tony didn't like it. >> i felt that he unfairly judged me. that was disappointing to me. i am always going to be myself.
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i am a good person. just because somebody cuss doesn't make them a bad person. you know, i will stand by my merits. >> okay. good night everybody. advantage topical solution treats dogs...
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